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  • Road Safety: Tailored solutions for roads, parking, ensuring safety, and promoting secure mobility.
  • Storage and Handling: Efficient equipment designed to streamline storage and handling processes, optimizing overall operations.
  • Construction Site Protection:Markings and equipment that guarantee safety within construction site areas, enhancing worksite security.
  • Professional Mobility:Dedicated solutions for the efficient management of industrial equipment, benefiting both communities and businesses.
  • Signage:High quality signs and signage equipment for optimal visual communication.
  • Hardware:Explore a diverse range of hardware products to organize your sales shelves efficiently and effectively.

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Expert in Signaling and Protection Equipment, Viso has provided innovative solutions since 1998. Explore our range of state-of-the-art safety and signaling equipment tailored to meet every professional requirement.


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  • SIGN: Solutions for signaling and security.
  • STORAGE: Equipment for storage and handling.
  • CHAIN: Ropes, chains and hardware accessories.