Memory foam industrial post to embed
  • Memory foam industrial post to embed

Memory foam industrial post to embed

Memory foam safety bollard to seal - cylindrical head - 100/930mm - black/yellow

Primary Color : Black/Yellow
Height (mm) : 400
Diameter Column mm : 100
Head type : Cylindrical

Flexible memory-shape safety post with a 100mm diameter and a cylindrical head, designed to prevent damage to vehicles and equipment. In case of impact, the bollard deforms and then returns to its original shape without breaking the anchoring or mounting. It is resistant to tearing, pulling, and breaking. Typically used for separating and protecting different areas in warehouses. The above-ground height is 400mm. It can be permanently anchored directly into the ground or made removable by placing it in an optional ground box. Multiple options available, including chain rings and ground boxes.

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